Thomas Kegler: Interludes of Light

Friday, September 18, 2015-Saturday, October 17, 2015

Artist Statement:

Through my work, I strive to bring an awareness and respect for God’s creations and their temporal qualities. They provide an infinite supply of beauty and inspiration. I paint traditionally - mirroring a time when academic training and processes were embraced and nurtured. This approach has given me the skills and knowledge to express myself through hand, head and heart.

I wanted to be a painter from the time I could first hold a brush. Many of my earliest memories are of exploring at the kitchen table with my siblings using paper, cardboard, crayons, scissors and glue. Today, using oil paints, my visions and emotions are given a voice through the infinite variations of color notes. Experiences are what I am called to paint… the materials, technique and subject are the vehicle.

Painting is a humbling experience… often the more you learn and grow, the more challenging it becomes. The many hours and days spent interacting with my subjects have opened my eyes to subtleties such as intricate color and value shifts, and beauty in the overlooked. Something new is revealed each time I visit the canvas. I paint daily - it is as necessary to my life as breathing.

Nature itself has been the most humbling instructor. I am awestruck at the visual inspirations that emerge around me in the outdoors. The sounds, smells, and tactile qualities that I experience while in field cannot help but be infused in the work. I strive to impart a universal quality that makes the viewer feel he has been there and can relate to the image.

Whether in the field or the studio, painting is integral to my life… a product of my faith and experiences. I am often asked about the inclusion of Biblical verses in the titles of my paintings.

I am a practicing and dedicated Catholic. My faith is infused in my life, my family and my work. I include Biblical verses in my titles as an invitation for others to read the verse(s) and perhaps find a connection between contemporary life, the painting and the ancient writings. They are not meant to be literal or closed-ended titles, but open to interpretation and experience.

"With Humility comes Wisdom” - Proverbs 11:2

Catalog of Exhibition:

Please contact the gallery concerning current availability and pricing of works from past exhibits.

1. August Sail, James 1:17
Martha’s Vineyard, 2015, 8x16
2100.00 (sold)

2. Katama - South Beach, Proverbs 9:10
Martha’s Vineyard, 2013, 8x16

3. Narcissus, James 4:6
2015, 18x14

4. Wild Apples, Psalms 104:13
2015, 7x5
800.00 (sold)

5. Twilight Mist, Proverbs 3:26
2015, 12x8
1750.00 (sold)

6. Niagara, Psalms 36:7

7. The Falls Mist, Proverbs 3:2
2014, 7x18

8. Bridal Veil, Psalms 69:1
2015, 24x20, oil on stretched linen
6200.00 (sold)

9. Twilight Mountainscape, Proverbs 23:12
2015, 5x7

10. December’s Glow, Proverbs 15:33
2015, 5x7
800.00 (sold)

11. Cataract, Psalms 111:9
2015, 9x12
1900.00 (sold)

12. Niagara, Psalms 84:11
2015, 30x96 oil

About the Painting: "Niagara, Psalms 84:11 has been my most significant conceptual and technical endeavor to date. The numerous field drawings, paintings and notes that I collected on-sight gained me an almost anatomical understanding of the falls and laid the groundwork for the larger canvas. I chose to show it from below the falls with the flow coming towards the viewer to create a sense of confrontation, submission, and trust. There is a juxtaposition of the power of the cascading water immediately followed by the relatively calm flow at the bottom. Niagara is one of our most visited and exploited natural wonders. The painting is meant to bring awareness, respect, and a sense of stewardship for the power and fragility of God's creations. The large-scale of the work encourages people to physically stand far back to experience the full immensity of the falls, yet you are encouraged to investigate the small nuances such as the birds and cascade details from a very close proximity. A rainbow is always evident at the falls on sunny days. I included this as a spiritual element - representing God's presence, love and covenant with humanity. Every step and brushstroke was recorded in HD - from field studies to the making of the frame. This educational documentary film on the creation of Niagara, Psalms 84:11 is to be released in 2016." - Thomas Kegler

Psalms 84:11"For the Lord God is our sun and our shield. He gives us grace and glory. The Lord will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right."

Upcoming instructional documentary video titled "Painting Niagara", by Thomas Kegler, to be released in 2016. The video will depict the creation of the 30" x 8' oil painting of Niagara Falls using plain air drawing and painting references from on-site visits. See teaser video below by Sawyer Oubre of One Ring Productions.

13. Moon over Niagara, Proverbs 4:18
2015, 8x16
2200.00 (sold)

14. Niagara Thunder, Isaiah 41:17
2014, 14x11

15. Niagara Mist, Psalms 78:16
2014, 14x11

16. The Falls, Proverbs 78:16
2015, 20x16

17. Evening Shadows, Isaiah 26:3
Knox Farm State Park, 2015
18x24, oil on stretched linen

18. Afternoon Tide, Psalms 104:1
France, 2014, 6x16

19. By the Sea, Psalms 95:5
France, 2014, 6x16

20. Awakenings, Psalms 97:1-2
France, 2014, 8x16
2100.00 (sold)

21. Forest Brook, Psalms 71:5
Letchworth, 2015, 12x9
1850.00 (sold)

22. Mountain Twilight, Psalms 37:11
White Mountains, NH, 2015, 9x12
1850.00 (sold)

23. Hydrangeas, Crabapple and Wild Apples, Psalms 37:3
2015, 12x16

24. Trout Stream at Dusk, Psalms 25:9
Cattaraugus Creek, 2015, 9x12
1850.00 (sold)

25. Sunset Rock at Dusk, Psalms 11:1
Catskill Park, 2015, 8x10

26. A Clear Morning, Romans 5:3-4
Adirondacks, 2015, 24x36

27. Cascade Brink, Proverbs 3:5
Letchworth, 2015, 9x12
1750.00 (sold)

28. Trout Brook, Proverbs 4:7
Wiscoy Creek, 2015, 9x12
1750.00 (sold)

29. Peonies, 1 Corinthians 13:13
2015, 14x11

30. Peonies, Psalms 34:22
2015, 12x9, with silver leaf

31. Tulips, Proverbs 6:3
2015, 10x8

32. May Trilliums, Psalms 63:3
2015, 10x8, with silver leaf

• All dimensions are in inches, height precedes width.
• All works are titled and signed by the artist.
• All works are oil on linen lined panel unless otherwise noted.
• P.O.R.= Price on Request.
• Additional works by Thomas Kegler are available through Meibohm Fine Arts.
• Artist website:
• 10% of artist’s proceeds will be donated to charitable and environmental organizations.