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Friday, October 17, 2008-Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thomas Aquinas Daly

American artist Thomas Aquinas Daly (b 1937- ) is known for realist landscape, still life and wildlife paintings. He works in multiple mediums including oil and watercolor as well as etchings. Daly grew up appreciating the outdoors as a hunter and fly fisherman in Western New York. His personal bond with nature is conveyed in the light, atmosphere and spirit of his work, often with a recurring theme of the lone fisherman.

With a degree in graphic design from Albright Art School at the University of Buffalo in 1959, Daly became art director for Greater Buffalo Press where he remained for 23 years. Always attracted to the country, he later settled into a 200 year old home on twenty acres in Wyoming County to pursue a career in fine art. Daly’s work has been exhibited at the Burchfield Art Center and has been reproduced in numerous publications. His images fill two books: Painting Nature’s Quiet Places, and The Art of Thomas Aquinas Daly; the Painting Season.

“Whenever I paint a place that is special to me, I hope that I can effectively reproduce the same sense of spiritual well-being in the viewer as I have experienced myself. . . . One’s ego can readily vanish in the face of a mightier force, resulting in a refreshing clarity and inner peace. One reassuring thread of consistency in our often schizoid lives is nature’s adherence to its own quiet and eternal laws.”

Christine Daly

Christine Daly (b 1952- ) paints traditionally rendered still life and equestrian paintings inspired from a rural life on her Wyoming County farm. Pastoral and woodland discoveries become strong simple compositions when carefully arranged under strong lighting in the studio. A Bachelor of Fine Arts from SUNY Oswego in 1974 prepared Daly for an early commercial art career with Greater Buffalo Press.

In 1987 a move to the country brought about the combined tasks of raising twin boys, exploring the woods, tending gardens, and breeding horses, as well as painting. Daly collaborated with husband Tom to author two books of his images. She has mounted successful solo exhibitions of her paintings throughout the country and has had her paintings published on covers of national periodicals.

“I establish strong directional lighting because I'm fascinated by the shapes of cast shadows and I depend on them as integral elements of my compositions. Generally I create a simple, asymmetric design using a flat expanse of negative space… By thoughtfully dividing the picture plane and editing extraneous clutter there is a graphic quality to the image that gives it strength from a distance despite its small size.”

Jonathan Daly

Contemporary painter Jonathan Daly (b 1982- ) took the path of designer, painter, muralist and teacher, having been surrounded by the creatively nurturing environment into which he was born. In 2004 Daly received his BFA in illustration from Syracuse University gaining a solid background in storytelling and narrative painting. Current work explores the dichotomy between Daly’s rural roots and present urban influences.

Portrait commissions financed a move to Oregon to start a graphic design business in 2005 with a college friend. The business was moved to Cambridge MA in 2006 to allow study at Boston University with British painter John Walker. While there Daly also taught drawing and painting and subsequently traveled to Europe and coastal Maine for painting retreats. His paintings are included in collections from New England to New York and Toronto.

"My current work examines the disconnection that permeates the construct of contemporary society. Each painting is an arrangement of fragmented memories and specific objects derived from past experience… I strive to describe a parallel between my true roots and the fabricated habitat that defines reality to the general populace. It is my primal relationship to the land that compels me to dig for an authentic truth buried beneath a modern synthetic environment."

Catalog of Exhibition:

Please contact the gallery concerning availability of works from past exhibits.

1. Christine Daly
Sunflowers in a Blue Bottle
13-1/4 x 9-1/4”, oil on board

2. Christine Daly
Cut Pears
8-1/2 x 11-1/4”, oil on board

3. Thomas Aquinas Daly
Snow Goose Hunters
18 x 24”, oil on board
14,000.00 (sold)

4. Christine Daly
Narcissus and Squill
11-1/2 x 8-1/2”, oil on board

5. Thomas Aquinas Daly
Late Afternoon Cornfield
14 x 20”, oil on board

6. Jonathan Daly
Lamb’s Ear
11 x 11”, oil on board

7. Jonathan Daly
Arrangement with Blueberries
11 x 11”, oil on board

8. Thomas Aquinas Daly
How to Make a Decoy
16 x 24”, oil on board

9. Thomas Aquinas Daly
A Snowflake
16 x 11-1/8”, watercolor on paper

10. Jonathan Daly
To The Right
12 x 9-1/2”, oil on board

11. Jonathan Daly
Bobber and Berries
13 x 11”, oil on board

12. Christine Daly
Grapes in an Enamel Cup
8-1/2 x 11-3/4”, oil on board
750.00 (sold)

13. Christine Daly
Narcissus and Forsythia
11-1/2 x 8-1/2”, oil on board

14. Christine Daly
Pears in a Bowl
8-1/2 x 11-1/4”, oil on board

15. Jonathan Daly
Still Life with Milkweed
29-1/2 x 40”, oil on canvas, 2006

16. Thomas Aquinas Daly
Rural Free Delivery
14 x 20”, oil on board

17. Thomas Aquinas Daly
A Little Brook
14 x 20”, oil on board

18. Jonathan Daly
Winter Swing
23-1/2 x 23-1/2”, oil on canvas, 2007

19. Christine Daly
A Red Lily
7-7/8 x 12”, oil on board

20. Christine Daly
Apple Slices
9 x 11-3/4”, oil on board

21. Jonathan Daly
Arrangement with Sumac
29 x 21-1/2”, oil on board, 2008

22. Jonathan Daly
Penned Up
17-1/2 x 25”, oil on canvas

23. Jonathan Daly
Bliss Garage
24 x 34”, oil on canvas

24. Jonathan Daly
Portrait of Eugene
17 x 17”, oil on board, 2006

25. Jonathan Daly
Portrait of Grandfather (Gunnar)
20 x 16”, oil on canvas, 2005

26. Jonathan Daly
The Way
29 x 48”, oil on canvas, 2008

27. Thomas Aquinas Daly
The Woods in Spring
16-1/2 x 11”, watercolor on paper

28. Thomas Aquinas Daly
Winter Sunshine
11-1/4 x 16”, watercolor on paper

29. Thomas Aquinas Daly
Burning Fog
14 x 20”, oil on board

30. Thomas Aquinas Daly
Two Pike
20 x 14”, oil on board

31. Thomas Aquinas Daly
The Marsh at Twilight
14 x 20”, oil on board

32. Jonathan Daly
Arrangement with Packaged Feather
17 x 15”, oil on board, 2007

33. Jonathan Daly
Family Portrait
48-1/2 x 40-1/2”, oil on canvas, 2008

34. Thomas Aquinas Daly
The Legend of Spring Creek
11-7/8 x 17-5/8”, watercolor on paper

35. Thomas Aquinas Daly
Afternoon Olives
11-1/2 x 17-1/2”, watercolor on paper

36. Christine Daly
Trillium in a Green Vase
12 x 9”, oil on board
800.00 (sold)

37. Thomas Aquinas Daly
Fish Decoys and a Salted Minnow
16 x 12”, oil on board

38. Christine Daly
Daylily Shadows
11 x 7-7/8”, oil on board
825.00 (sold)

39. Christine Daly
Asparagus and Lemon
12 x 9”, oil on board
900.00 (sold)

40. Jonathan Daly
Still Life with Blue Feathers
17-1/2 x 12”, oil on board
800.00 (sold)

• All dimensions are in inches, height precedes width.
• All works are oil on board, oil on canvas or watercolor on paper as noted.
• All works are signed and titled by the artists.
• Jonathan Daly is accepting portrait commissions, please contact the gallery for further information.