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William Brassey Hole
(British, 1846-1917)
"If Thou Hadst Known Oh Jerusalem, St. Luke XIX. 42" - 1907
The sheet size with wide margins is 9-5/8” x 12-5/8”, Plate size is 5” x 6-1/4”, Image size is 3-3/4” x 5-3/4”
Sepia-toned Heliogravure
Antique print after the original painting (1885), Excellent Rare+, Never Framed, Copyright by Franz Hanfstaengl, Munich & New York, F©H, possibly from an illustration for the book “The Life of Jesus of Nazareth” (1906), which features 80 watercolors from the trip he took to the holy land around 1900
75.00 [E]
Muller, Luchsinger & Co., N.Y.
(American Art Publishers, c1886-c1930)
"Gethsemane" (Christ sur la montagne des oliviers-Christ on the mountain of the olive-trees) - 1917
30.5 x 22
Vintage Chromolitho, Excellent Rare+, Slight scuffing with a few small scratches & one small 3/4" edge tear lower left repaired from behind with archival tape and only enters image area 3/8" and is not too noticeable, Very slight creasing, Never Framed
Estella Canziani
(British, 1887-1964)
"St. Francis" - circa late 1920-30's
Size mounted with margins 22 x 18, Print size 13-7/8 x 9.75
Vintage Print, Excellent Rare+, Never Framed, W.J. Stacey, London
Gies & Co, Buffalo, NY
(American Lithographers, c1871-c1922)
"The Illustrated Lords Prayer" - 1871
Size with margins 20 x 14,Image size 18-3/8 x 12-3/8
Color Lithograph
Antique Litho, VeryGood Rare+, previously framed, slight water damage lower edge in margin & upper right edge, slight foxing, toning from age, few margin repaired tears, wood acid burn on back, all issues not affecting image, Gold metallic ink borders, Beautiful!, Published by S.T. Buck. Milton, P.
100.00 (Sold)
Campbell Art Co.
(American Publishers, c.1871-c. late 1930's)
Untitled-'North Star' (illegible artist's name, possibly Emlen McConnell [American, 1872-]???) - Circa Early 1900's
Size with backing stock 13.75 x 11, Print size 11 x 7-3/8
Antique Print, Excellent Rare+, Never Framed
Heinrich Hofmann
(German, 1824-1911)
"Christ at Thirty-Three" - c1910-30's
Size with margins 27.5 x 21.25, Image size 21.75 x 16-5/8
Vintage Print, Excellent Rare+, Never Framed, Franz Hanfstaengl, Munchen
Herbert Gustave Carmichael Schmalz
(English, 1856-1935)
"The Return From Calvary" - 1906
Size with margins is 24 x 32, Size with ivory border 19.25 x 26.25, Image size 16 x 23-3/8
Antique Print, Excellent Rare+, Never Framed, Published by Louis Wolff & Co. London, W., Hugo Guttmann, New York, Sole Agent in the United States & Canada
250.00 (Sold)
George Butler
(Unknown, -)
"The Shining Pathway" - Circa 1912
Size with margins is 27-1/8 x 37.25
Antique Print, Excellent Rare+, Never Framed, Published by Reinthal & Newman
Leonardo Da Vinci
(Italian, 1452-1519)
"The Virgen Of The Rocks" - circa 1940-50's
Size with margins 32.5 x 21, Image size 27-7/8 x 18-1/8
Vintage Mid Century Print, Metallic gold ink border, Excellent Rare+, Never Framed, Published by NYGS, Copyright by Soho Gallery Ltd. London
Briton Riviere
(British, 1840-1920)
"Daniel's Answer To The King" - circa early 1900's
5.75 x 8.75
Colored Photogravure
Antique Print, Excellent Rare+, Never Framed, Campbell Art Co.
Campbell Art Co.
(American Publishers, c.1871-c. late 1930's)
"The Good Shepherd" -after Bernhard Plockhorst (German, 1825-1907) - circa early 1900's
Size with margins 31-1/8 x 23.75, Image size 28 x 21.25
Hand Colored Photogravure
Antique Print, Excellent Rare+, Never Framed, Campbell Prints Division, N.Y.
Campbell Art Co.
(American Publishers, c.1871-c. late 1930's)
“Cloister of the Church of St. John’s, Palermo” - Early 1900's
The size of the photo is 20-3/16” x 25-3/16”, Matted size is 26-1/2” x 31”, Visible mat-opening size is 19-7/8” x 24-7/8”
Hand-Colored Photo-mechanical Bromide Print
Antique & Rare large print, Excellent Rare+ condition, matted, previously framed, published by the well known publisher Campbell Art Co., © Campbell Art Co., Elizabeth, N.J.
350.00 [E]
Daniel Huntington
(American, 1816-1906)
“Mercy’s Dream” - circa 1864
The size with margins is 28-7/16” x 20-7/8”, Image size is 25-3/4” x 18-1/4”
Antique & Ultra Rare Mid 19th C. Engraving, VeryGood-Excellent Rare+ condition, Previously framed, Painted by D. Huntington, P.N.A., Engraved by T. Oldham Barlow.
900.00 [Sold, E]
William Strutt, RBA, RZS
(English, 1825-1915)
“Peace” (“And a child shall lead them.”) - 1896
The size with very wide margins is 9” x 11-1/4”, Image size is 3-1/4” x 5-3/8”
Sepia-toned Chine-Collé Heliogravure
Antique Late 19th C. gravure, Excellent Rare+ condition, Never framed, inventory number ‘9388’, Gravure Hanfstaengl, Franz Hanfstaengl, München London & New York, Copyright by Franz Hanfstaengl, Printed in Munich, Copyright 1896 by Fr. Hanfstaengl
100.00 [E]
R. Stanl
(Unknown, -)
"The Lord's Supper" - circa Turn-of-the-20th-Century
Size with margins 17.5 x 31, Image size 16 x 29-7/8
Antique Print, Excellent Rare+, Never Framed, Published by Morris & Bendien Inc., New York
Louis Jambor
(Hungarian-American, 1884-1955)
"The Lord's Supper" - 1948
Size with margins 26 x 19-1/8, Image size 17 x 12.5
Vintage Mid Century Print, Fair Rare+, Some creasing in margins and image area side to side near top but no cracking of ink, Never Framed, Copyright 1948 Augsburg Publishing House
Roberto Ferruzzi
(Italian, 1854-1934)
"Madonnina" (or the Madonna of the Streets) - c1950-60's
Size with margins 29-1/8 x 23-1/8, Image size 25-5/8 x 19.75
Vintage Mid Century Print, Excellent Rare+, Never Framed, Published by Fratelli Alinari Firenze
Benjamin Johann Godron
(German, 1902-1965 [AKA Johann Benjamin Godron<
“Madonna” (AKA “Muttersgotte” [Mother of God]) - 1955
The size mounted with small margins is 22” x 20-1/4”, Image size is 21-3/16” x 19-3/4”
Halftone Lithograph
Vintage Mid Century Litho ‘Large Version’, VeryGood Rare+ condition, 1955 © by Dr. te Neues + Co. GmbH., Kempen-Niederrhein, 19©55
150.00 [E]