Edward V. Brewer

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Edward V. Brewer (American 1883-1971) was a well known portrait painter, commercial illustrator and landscape artist from St. Paul Minnesota. He studied at the Art Students League (ASL) in New York City with Kenyon Cox, Walter Appleton Clark, Frank V. DuMond, Twachtman, and with his father Nicholas R. Brewer. In 1911 he began working for the Emery Mapes Company (EMC) doing weekly commercial ads for their client ‘Cream of Wheat’ where he made a name for himself with the creation of the now famous character, “Rastus". During the 1930’s, he designed and painted ads for the Northern Pacific Railroad, which garnered him wide recognition.

This Vintage Travel Poster was featured in our 2006 exhibition “The Art of Travel”. Please follow the link to our exhibition page to see the Catalog of the Exhibition and additional information.