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Josef Ferdinand Klemm (Austrian, 1868-1916) noted painter, lithographer, designer and image restorer, primarily known for his finely detailed designs of cultural & historical mural study-decorations for schools that included landscapes & cityscapes, medieval cities, the Acropolis (Greece), various architectural renderings, memorial & national monuments, interior scenes, historical & cultural human genre/civil activities, as well as educational/industrial cut-away diagrams/wall-charts, geographical scenes, etc.

Josef Klemm was born December 25, 1868 in Vienna, Austria to the Austrian bookseller and publisher Joseph Klemm (Austrian, b. Apr. 4, 1821-d. Feb. 27, 1882) and Johanna (née Fessl) Klemm, who was a distant relative of Beethoven. Josef studied under the well known Austrian theater painter Carlo (Karl) Brioschi (Austrian, 1826-1895) in Vienna. Circa the late 1890’s, Klemm began working with the printers and publishers F.E. Wachsmuth in Leipzig, Germany (German School Pictures Publishers, 1872-c1943) to produce cultural & historical chromolithographs (in series) from his school mural drawings for use in educational study and decoration. Klemm eventually settled in Leipzig, Germany where he later died on February 12, 1916 at the young age of 47.

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