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Claude Jousset (French, 1935-) renowned French artist, born February 17th, 1935 in Paris, France. Often known for his Parisian cityscapes and landscapes, other French countryscapes and landscapes, harbor and marine scenes, and Venetian scenes. Before he started any of his formal education, Jousset knew that he wanted to become an artist. He studied art at the École des Arts Appliqués (School of Applied Arts) in Paris, and began exhibiting wherever he could to gain experience and hopefully recognition for his work. It didn’t take very long before this versatile artist became known for his outstanding talent and he soon began getting into more prestigious exhibitions in and around Paris. He also exhibited in other major salons and in other cities in and around France such as; Trouville, Deauville, and Montmorency, winning prizes and various distinctions wherever he went.

Since 1963, he began winning one or more awards and ‘honorable mentions’ every year for his work, which was a remarkable achievement for any artist at that time. A few of the many awards include; an honorable mention (1966), the Prix sue Conseil General de la Seine, the Prix Schaeffer, 1st prize of the French Landscape Artists (circa 1967), and the landscape prize in Deauville-Trouville. His works can be found in the City of Paris Museum Collection, along with other provincial museums, various galleries and in many private collections worldwide. As far as we are aware, he currently resides in Paris and still paints throughout Paris and France, Honfleur, as well as in Venice.

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