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Henryk Krych (Polish, 1905-1980) noted painter primarily known for his oil paintings of landscapes, cityscapes, floral still lifes. He was born January 23, 1905 in Warsaw, Poland and studied at the School of Drawing and Painting there (Szkola Rysunku i Malarstwa). He was a member of the Union of Polish Artists.


1905- Born, January 23, Warsaw, Poland.

1938- Exhibited, group show, “Zacheta”, Warsaw, Poland.

From 1945-68- Exhibited, all group shows of the Warsaw District.

From 1946-66- Exhibited, all group shows nationwide.

1948- Exhibited, solo show, 115 works shown, Town Gallery, Lódz, Poland. Exhibited, solo show, drawings, ZPAP, Lódz, Poland.

From 1950-64- Exhibited, group shows, “Warsaw in Art”, Warsaw, Poland. Exhibited, group shows, “Winter Exhibitions”, Radom, Poland.

1954- Exhibited, group show (Prize, Medal), “10 Years of Polish People’s Republic”, Warsaw, Poland.

1958- Exhibited, solo show, Bulgarian and Italian landscape drawings, 25 works shown, Cordegard, Warsaw, Poland.

From 1958-64- Exhibited, all group shows of the “Marinistic in Warsaw”, Warsaw, Poland.

1960- Exhibited, solo show, 40 works shown, Teacher’s Club Warsaw.

1964- Exhibited, group show, “20 Years of Polish People’s Republic”, Warsaw, Poland.

1966- Exhibited, group show, “First Warsaw Festival”, Warsaw, Poland.

1968- Exhibited, solo show, Art Room “Plastyka”, Warsaw, Poland. Exhibited, group show, “Second Warsaw Festival”, Warsaw, Poland. Exhibited, group show, “Country in Polish Painting”, Warsaw, Poland.

1980- March 31, died, and is buried in the historic Old Powazki Cemetery (Stare Powazki) located in the Wola district, western part of Warsaw, Poland.

Exhibited Other: Group shows, Obóz Wielkiej Polski (O.W.P.), “I, II, III & IV”, Warsaw – Poznan; Group show, “Polish Landscape”, Bydgoszcz, Poland; Group exhibitions of Warsaw district “Gallery Grabowski”, London, England; Group exhibitions of the “Artists Group”, Warsaw, Poland; Plein Air group exhibitions of the Polish Army; Group exhibitions of “Artists in Working Places in Warsaw”, Warsaw, Poland; Group exhibition “Tapestry Exhibition”, Warsaw, Poland; Group exhibition “Circuit Exhibition of Warsaw’s District”, Warsaw, Poland; Group exhibition, “Polish Painting”, Moscow, Russia.

Awards/Prizes: Honorable Mention, for picture “Spring Outing”, (unknown location), 1937; Honorable Mention, for picture “Musician”, (unknown location), 1938; Prize of the Country Bank, (unknown location), 1938; Prize (Medal), “10 Years of Polish People’s Republic”, Warsaw, Poland, 1954; Silver Merit Cross, Unknown exhibition and location, 1955; Prize of the Ministry of Culture for the picture “The Fisher’s Port”, State Museum, Warsaw, Poland, 1958.

Memberships/Associations: Member of the Union of Polish Artists.

Collections: Ministry of Culture, State Museum, Warsaw, Poland; Polish Diplomatic posts in Sweden, USA, Latin America and countries in the far east.

(Written & Compiled chronologically by Mark Strong of Meibohm Fine Arts, Inc., East Aurora, NY, meibohmfinearts.com)