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The Taber Prang Art Company (American Publishers, 1897-1938) out of Springfield, MA, were considered one of the best producers & publishers of art prints in the late 1800’s on through the early part of the 20th Century. The company was formed in 1897 by the printer, lithographer and publisher Louis Prang (American, 1824-1909), of L. Prang & Co. (1860-1897, formerly Prang & Mayer 1856-1860), who merged with another company to form the Taber Prang Art Company, moving their business to Springfield, MA.

Over the years, the company produced many different types of art prints, photographic reproductions, publications and goods to include: Chromolithographs, Artotypes, photogravures, platino prints (also in sepia), various photographic reproductions, bromide, carbon & platinum photographs as well as carbon prints, Eureka carbons, Roxbury prints, U.S. Carbons, Windsor prints, Lenox prints, Avon prints, Imperial prints & Imperial photogravures, Strathmore prints, Crown Royal gravures, nature prints, Taber Proofs, etchings, oil & watercolor facsimiles, postcards, holiday greeting cards, calendars, T.P. Sepias, hand colored real photos, miscellaneous art publications, and were manufacturers of picture frames, art novelties, etc..

The company eventually went bankrupt in 1938 and the Ohio Art Company bought the rights to all their images and prints.

(Written by Mark Strong, Meibohm Fine Arts, Inc., East Aurora, NY,