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Giuseppe “Bepi” Marino (Italian, 1903-1975) was born in Venice and studied there. Early in his career he painted in the style of the famous J.M.W. Turner (English, 1775-1851), but later adopted a paler style with pastel colors. He had many solo exhibitions in Venice, Rome and Milan and was one of the better known Italian artists. At a 2014 exhibition for the artist at Galleria Napoleone Cacciani, Rome, Italy, the curator Ivan Cantoni wrote, “[Bepi] Matured in the period between the two world wars (he was born in 1903 and died in 1975), this artist brings the twentieth century tonality, post-war inspired by a vibrating brushstroke of postimpressionist matrix. Without worrying about updating his pictorial language on neocubist and neo-surrealistic modules (already aged in the 1950’s) he interprets reality by simply relying on tools of their trade, which dominates without uncertainty.”

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