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Karl Schwetz (Austrian, 1888-1965) noted artist, painter, illustrator, etcher, wood engraver, designer, model maker and luthier known for his etchings and wood engravings, landscapes and watercolors. He became a book illustrator as an early age, preferring etchings and wood engravings as his medium of choice. As examples we can mention the bibliophile editions of the publishing houses Wolf and Rikola and the printinghouse Rosenbaum, which were among the leaders of their time. He designed book decorations for ETA Hoffman´s Fräulein von Scudery, Brentano´s Tagebuch eines fahrenden Schülers, Heine´s Wallfahrt nach Kevelaar, Grimm´s Klagendes Lied and also for the Freischütz Legend. The art work to the Czech series Nova et veteran was also done by Schwetz. His technically perfect etchings were not only intended to be a picture book of Austrian scenes, but also incorporated the issues and problems of the time.

Schwetz also produced models for centerpieces, vases, diskes and figurines for the Viennese porcelain manufacturer in Augarten. In November, 1920 and April, 1921 he modeled the wax-statues "Springtime", "The Indian woman", "Europe" and "The beautiful Lau" for the Künstlerhaus exibition. Additionally he was interested in gem-cutting and was a luthier, making double-choric lutes.


1888- Born, 4th of July, Karnitz, South Moravia, Czech Republic.

1904-1907- He studied at the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts, where he studied under Willibald Schulmeister (Austrian, 1851-1909), Erich Mallina (Austrian, 1873-1954) and Anton Josef Ritter von Kenner (Austrian, 1871-1951).

1907-1912- He studied in the class run by Berthold Löffler (Austrian, 1874-1960). Married Ida Schwetz-Lehmann (Austrian, 1883-1971). She worked with ceramics and was a member of the Vienna Workshops from 1912-1932.

1909-1913- He was active in the Vienna Workshops (Postcard Designs).

1965- Died, 21st of March, Vienna, Austria.

(Source: karl-schwetz.at, biographical info translated from German.)