Manuel Prieto Hurtado

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Manuel Prieto Hurtado (Spanish, 19th-20th C.) was a painter from Málaga, Spain and is primarily known for his realist style paintings to include fruit & floral still lifes, Spanish courtyard scenes, as well as figural/nudes, drawings, etc. He primarily worked in oils, but was also known to work in watercolors and charcoal. Hurtado studied under the well known Spanish realist painter and professor Bernardo Ferrándiz y Badenes (Spanish, b.Valencia 1835-d. Málaga 1885) at the San Telmo Art School in Málaga (Escuela de Arte San Telmo de Málaga). Ferrándiz created the San Telmo Art School and was appointed its first professor there in 1868, and the school still exists today. Hurtado’s name is sometimes listed and signed on his paintings as M. Prieto Hurtado, and his name is also sometimes misspelled on various websites online as Manuel Preto Hurtado.

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