Holmes Company, Inc., Chicago, IL [for Guy B. Holmes]

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Holmes Company, Inc., Chicago, IL (American Printers, Engravers & Publishers, 1902-Present [Subsidiary of Werner Printing Co. as of 2004]). The Holmes Co. was established in 1902 by publisher & artist Guy B. Holmes (American, 1871-1942/44) at 161 W. Harrison Street in Chicago, IL. The company were printers, engravers and publishers who had their own in-house artists and engravers who worked in the company studio and plant, and they also had a retail store at 17 North State Street, Chicago. They published etchings, Christmas cards, everyday greeting & note cards, bridge novelties & various other pictures for the stationary and art markets, usually on nice paper stocks. Variations of the company name included; Holmes Co. or the Holmes Engraving Co.

Holmes’ stylized initial ‘H’ from his last name was typically printed in the image area (signed in plate) with their company name ‘Holmes’ often blindstamped into the margin along with the title of the various etchings (see images below), and/or small remarque etchings (which I believe were done on earlier antique/vintage pieces). They also printed some of their etchings in various ink colors which gave a nice colorful and decorative appeal to the pieces.

In 2004, The Holmes Company was acquired by Werner Printing & Engraving Company, Chicago and as of 2016 are a subsidiary of Werner and combined, they have over 185 years experience in the printing and engraving industry.

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