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Howard Klippert (American, 1904-1985) was born-July 21, 1904, and died on December 20, 1985. He called himself "a Sunday painter" of landscape and marine subjects. During the 1930s he was manager of the "Catholic Courier" newspaper in Rochester, New York and painted on the weekends. Later he was president of Kronenbergs Department Store in Hamburg, New York. Evenings and Sundays he would paint mainly in oils. In his early years, he lived in Rochester, NY, where he was a member of the Rochester Society of Artists and also its president for a time. After moving to the Buffalo area in 1943, he painted and exhibited regularly with the Buffalo Society of Artists. Many fine paintings were also executed by Klippert in the artists community of Gloucester, Massachusetts during summer visits.

He is especially known for his style that was representative of the Gloucester School of painters from the Rockport and Cape Ann area of Massachusetts. He was photographed by Samuel Chambers and is pictured on the cover of the 1938 book, Gloucester and Cape Ann. He painted a series of landscapes while on a 1956 trip to Europe. He was a life-long friend and student of Carl Peters.

During the 1930s he was a member of the Rochester Art Club showing at the Rundel Gallery, and during the 1940s a member of the Buffalo Society of Artists showing frequently at the Albright Gallery. Newspaper accounts described his work as "showing sound technical foundation and individualistic expression."

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