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David Buck (American, 1957-    ) has been a resident artist with Buffalo Arts Studio since 2006, working primarily in oil. He works from photographs, concentrating on gesture and emotion rather than detail. Dave has used the idyllic aspects of his own rural adolescence as catalyst – the Buck and Chase family albums have been a rich resource. Very often, the works feature everyday activities such as picnics or yard work or road trips. By recapturing and reinterpreting these fleeting moments, his works explore the way memory filters experience.

He has exhibited consistently over the last decade, including Echo Art Fair, the Kenan Center, Olean Public Library, and the Distillery in Pittsburgh. David has been widely collected in Western New York, as well as by individuals across the U.S. 

Recently, David participated in CODA, a group show that was the last ever at Studio Hart, along with Elizabeth Leader and Bob Collignon. He contributed some works to Roswell Park Cancer Institute. His art was featured on the cover of The Public a couple times. He had two solo exhibitions at ro Homeshop in Buffalo. And he had a piece added to the permanent collection of the Burchfield Penney Art Center.

Artist's Website: dbartcommerce.com

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