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UPCOMING EXHIBITION: April 26, 2024-May 25, Group exhibition, "Six Pathways", Patti Harris, Marie Hassett, Joyce Hill, Beth Pedersen, Deborah Stewart and Ann Stievater, link

Ann Stievater (American, 20th C.-    ) earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education from Marygrove College in Detroit, Michigan in 1964, and a Master of Science Degree in Art Education from Buffalo State College in 1993.  While raising a family, she taught art in the Buffalo Public Schools, Buffalo Catholic Schools and in the Art Start Program at Albright-Knox Art Gallery.

Upon retiring as an art educator in 2000, Ann attended workshops in classical realism with local painters Joan Horn, John Yeager, Tom Kegler.  She attended classes in contemporary realism painting with Roberta Remy and Hongnian Zhang.

While teaching, Ann developed a love of Buffalo’s history and architecture. While living on the Canadian shore of Lake Erie, she saw a creative connection between the sky, water and rocky shore. Ann thus became a landscape oil painter of the grain elevators, Buffalo waterfront, rocky shores of Lake Erie and the skies of Western New York.

She is a member of and has exhibited with the Buffalo Society of Artists, Western New York Artists Group and the South Niagara Artists. Ann is currently a resident artist with the Buffalo Arts Studio. Her paintings may be found in local and national collections.

Artist Statement:

My recent oil paintings are a culmination in my interest in the spiritual qualities of skies. Skies are a natural showcase of weather conditions. They display the beginnings and endings of day “light”. Storm skies present us with dark cloud patterns, which can reflect on land or water. These skies make me feel sad, depressed, fearful.  Sunny cloudy skies present us with bright colors and patterns.  These skies make me feel hopeful, happy and warm.

After observing a sky, I create small images with my oil paint on gessoed paper. This determines my composition, colors, patterns and movement for a possible larger painting. These studies determine the amount of light and dark in the painting. The lights and darks are the pathways to express what emotional quality I intend to express from my sky image.  Moods and feelings are my goal.

However, there is always a part of my work where shapes of lighter colors exist. Light is the essence of my work. It is a symbol of all that is good, warm and life giving.

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