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Carol Case Siracuse (American, 1942-    ) was born in Rochester, NY and moved to Fredonia, NY, in 1974. Before moving to Fredonia, she received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Smith College with a concentration in printmaking under the tutelage of Leonard Baskin. Siracuse then did graduate work in Architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and at Princeton University. In 1971, she received her Master of Architecture degree. Siracuse notes that her, "thesis advisor at Princeton was Michael Graves, whose influence I still feel as a painter."

Since 1974, Siracuse has lived in and around Chautauqua and Erie counties since that time. Until she retired in January of 2010, Siracuse practiced architecture, and had her own office in Dunkirk, NY, from 1989-1998. Then, she worked in Jamestown until moving to Buffalo in 2001 to be an officer and educational planner on Grand Island. Since 2008, Siracuse has been an active docent at the Burchfield Penney Arts Center and describes it as an "incredible experience." She is a signature member of Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society and was past president, and continues to act on the board of directors and communications committee, as well as exhibition chairperson and webmaster and Facebook page administrator. In addition, she is an exhibiting member of the Buffalo Society of Artists, and Western New York Artists Group.

Describing her family history in the region, Carol Case Siracuse discusses the unique connection her mother, Elizabeth Compton Case, had to western New York: "[Elizabeth Compton Case] studied art at the Albright Art School in 1939-40. The work she did in that year was strongly influenced by Charles Burchfield. I cherish those paintings and sketches! Her mother, Elizabeth Compton, grew up in Silver Creek, graduated from Fredonia Normal School, and taught art and first grade in the Silver Creek Schools. In my growing years, my grandmother lived with us in Rochester. She was a constant source of art projects!"

Artist Statement:

"I have read that art is a reflection of ourselves and how we "see" life. This means so much more to me today than it would have a few years ago. Since retiring from the practice of architecture, I feel I’ve been reborn as an artist…what a thrill!… as I express my creative side in pen, pencil and watercolor, giving form to my visions and my passions, the landscape of our travels and home environment, especially the City of Buffalo, this amazing place. These creative urges will keep me occupied forever. What a privilege. My reward is simply contentment."

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