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Robert Darr Wert (American, 1915-1966) owned the “Country Prints” Studio on River Rd. just south of Gill, Franklin County, MA. He started the business in Northfield in 1948 and moved to the River Rd. location in 1950. Products that featured his designs included: silkscreens, linens, towels, wall hangings, hot plates, tiles, napkins, framed prints, table cloths, and trivets in the modernistic folk style.

Many of Wert’s silkscreens included printed text on the back regarding the piece which read: “this framed COUNTRY PRINT by robert darr wert was hand printed and hand assembled by our neighbors who work with us in our barn workshop–set among the hillside ledges, wood lots and pastures along the peaceful Connecticut in Gill, Massachusetts. (added text around bottom read: Remove dust from print with brush, clean damp sponge or vacumn [sic])”