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In 2003, well known Trompe l'oeil painter John Yerger (American, 1935-2017) along with fellow Western New York artist Richard F. Kersting (American, 1937-) formed The Miniature Art Society of Western New York upon the realization that a miniaturist art group did not exist in Western New York or even New York State (no longer active). The Society, limited to only ten members, followed the standards of contemporary miniaturism shared by a small number of organizations in the U.S. and abroad. The Society focused on miniature objet d’art which is a venerable and universally appealing art form, respected by serious collectors world-wide.

The Miniature Art Society of Western New York members included:

Joe Eger
Bernadette Franklin
Jose Fuentes
Richard Kersting
Robert Masak
Coni Minneci
Vicki Vitale
John Yerger

2004-Exhibited, "Premier Exhibition - Miniature Art Society of Western New York", the exhibit featured works by 8 of the charter members, April 2 - May 1, Meibohm Fine Arts, East Aurora, NY. Exhibited, Fanette Goldman/Caroline Greenfield Gallery, Daemen College, Amherst, NY.

To view the exhibit on our 2004 Exhibitions page, please follow the link