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Reinthal & Newman (American Publishers, 1906-1928), were also associated with The House of Art, NY which was the distributive arm of the company and successor to Reinthal & Newman. In 1896, Albert Emanuel Reinthal (German-American, c1872-1933) immigrated to New York City. His German surname was Reinthaler, and he later dropped the ‘er’ from his name, more than likely as a result of his immigration to America. Albert initially started the firm of Reinthal & Gross (1896-1905) who sold picture frames and room mouldings, but the company later dissolved. In 1906, Reinthal partnered with Sigmund (Stephen) Lang Newman (American, 19th Century-1952) to form the Reinthal & Newman publishing company. Reinthal was president and Newman was vice president, but also held the treasurer position as well as secretary later on. Newman later changed his name from Sigmund to Stephen, and by 1915 he was the head of the company. Albert also had brother by the name of Dr. Jonas Emanuel Reinthaler (German-American, c1869-) who was the secretary for the Reinthal & Newman company.

The company initially produced and sold thousands of postcards from 1906-1920, when they then began to publish art prints, Musée series of old masters works, mezzo prints and lithographs from original illustrations of many famous artists, as well as other works of art. Some of the famous artists included: Maxfield Parrish, Howard Chandler Christy, Harrison Fisher, Jesse Wilcox Smith, Phillip Boileau, and many others. Probably their most famous postcard and subsequent print they sold, was for the illustration “Daybreak” (1922) by Maxfield Parrish. Reinthal & Newman utilized a lithographic technology so accurate that Maxfield Parrish entrusted his paintings to be reproduced to match the rich colors and tones in his pieces. The company was located at 106-110 W. 29th Street in NYC, and later a division at 59 West Nineteenth St. in the city. The company used several American printers for their postcards and prints, to include; The American Colortype Company (NYC & Chicago), Brett Lithography, Quarrdi-Color Co. (NYC), and the United States Lithograph and Printing Company (NYC). They also had a London imprint division (England) located at 62 Great Russell St., and their London printers were Charles H. Hauff, J. Beagles & Co., and Wildt & Kray. Reinthal & Newman went out of business in 1928, but the House of Art went on to distribute art prints, cards, puzzles, and books through the 1950’s. Albert Reinthal later married Daisy (née Heavenrich, [originally Himmelreich], American, 1874-) in August 1, 1898, and they had three sons; Edward (born c1901-), Albert E. Jr. (born c1903-) and John R. (b. 1906-).

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