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David Walsh (American, Unknown-). The Paintings of David Walsh would not have seemed out of place at an exhibition of landscape artists in the middle of the nineteenth century, or hanging in a bungalow, selected for the collection of an Arts and Crafts Artisan. Although his art is reminiscent of work from a previous century, his intellectual interests extend much further back in time. A Medievalist by trade and internationally known expert in Romanesque architecture, Walsh is Associate Professor of Art history at University of Rochester, receiving his doctorate in art history from the University of Minnesota. He is Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Great Britain and has won awards and grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the American Council of Learned Studies and the American Philosophical Society.

Walsh's scholarly pursuits take him often to France, England and Italy, where places rich in history and tradition become the subjects of his delicate pencil. It is perhaps the his scholarly interest in architecture that brings to both Walsh's landscapes and interiors their particular focus and strength. Walsh depicts Venetian Canals, Adirondack Wetlands, and Western New York's scenic rivers with a quiet subtlety. This is especially true in the artist's long horizontal paintings, one of his favorite compositional formats. Placing upon himself the restrictions of a narrow palette, Walsh revels in the finest nuances of tone and value. Viewers will find his evocative and contemplative scenes a source of meditative calm.