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About the Hatcher Pub. Co./Hatcher-Fagin Pub. Co.: (AKA Hatcher Photographic Portraiture Studio, or Thurston Hatcher Fine Photographs Studio, or Thurston Hatcher Studio). The Hatcher Pub. Co./Hatcher-Fagin Pub. Co., and also Hatcher Photographic Portraiture Studio operated c1907-c1912 at 614 Cherry St. in Macon, GA. The studio also sold fine frames, prints and watercolors out of their location there. Fagin (unknown first name) was possibly the colorist for their hand-colored pieces, or maybe just a brief partner in the firm, but unfortunately no information was found for him through research. Beginning in 1912 through the early 1920’s, Hatcher had a studio at 58 1-2 Whitehall Street in Atlanta, GA, called Thurston Hatcher Fine Photographs Studio. During that time he was the official photographer for the Georgia School of Technology where he specialized in college annual portrait photographs. Circa 1930, Hatcher had a studio called Thurston Hatcher Studio on Forsyth Street in Atlanta, GA.

About the Photographer: Thurston R. Hatcher (American, 1881-1963) was born November 4, 1881 in Georgia. He married Caroline “Carrie” Estides (née Biggers, b. Nov. 5, 1883) and had three children; Norman (b. January 29, 1908-), Martha (b. 1912) and Leah (b. 1917). Hatcher was a member of the International Photographers Association (IPA) beginning in 1911 and was also a member of the Photographers Association of America (PA&A, Chairman 1914) and exhibited with them at the 32nd Annual Convention of the PA&A, in the General Exhibit section with 2 pieces shown, in Philadelphia, PA, July 22-27, 1912. The PA&A incorporated seven States; Georgia, Alabama, Florida, N. & S. Carolina, Tennessee & Mississippi and had almost 200 members. In addition, he was a member of the Southeastern Photographers Association and served as President in 1920. In 1932, Hatcher was commissioned by the Atlanta Journal to travel to Warm Springs, GA, to photograph Franklin D. Roosevelt, then Governor of New York and candidate for President of the United States, in a series of formal portraits showing him in Presidential posture. Hatcher also photographed FDR in the well known cottage he built in 1932 called the “Little White House”, which were the first photographs take of FDR in his cottage. From research, Hatcher exhibited through 1933, exhibiting in “The Rotarian’s 1933 Vacation Photograph Contest”, winning 3rd prize of $50 for his photograph “Silver Lining”, but no other exhibition information has been found after that date. During his life and career, Hatcher resided at several different addresses including; 613 Orange St., Macon, GA (from 1908-09), 105 Cherokee Ave., Macon, GA (from 1911-12), De Kalb, GA (1920), 20 & 142 Adams Street Decatur, GA (from 1920), and 14 Kensington, Avondale, GA (from 1925). Hatcher died in June, 1963. There is a small collection of Thurston Hatcher photographs in the Kenan Research Center, Atlanta History Center, in Atlanta, GA. The collection contains 38 black and white photographic prints, which contain photographs of buildings and natural scenery in Atlanta and throughout the state of Georgia. His photographs of Atlanta include images of City Hall, the Municipal Airport, Atlantic Steel Company, the Cyclorama Building, Fulton Bag & Cotton Mill, the Municipal Auditorium, North Fulton Golf Course, and the Capitol Building. Photographs taken throughout the state of Georgia include images of Midway Congregational Church, Fort Pulaski, Brasstown Bald, the Okefenokee Swamp, Tallulah Gorge, and agricultural scenes.

(Rewritten in parts & compiled chronologically by Mark Strong of Meibohm Fine Arts, Inc., East Aurora, NY, 14052, 07/2010, Sources: Too long to list here and are furnished upon request.)