Wadie El Mahdy

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Born in Cairo, Egypt October 20th, 1921
Died in Canada, 2001

Education and Work:
1939 - Graduated from the Italian Academy of Fine Arts in, The Leonardo da Vinci School in Cairo. Studies under Professor Ricardo Roberti.

1940-46 - Attended the Egyptian Academy of Fine Arts in Cairo. Studied under Professors Ahmed Sabry and Bikar Huessen.

1946-1964 - Mahdy worked for the Cairo Municipality, Department of Architecture, as an artist painter and architectural draftsman.

1950 - Returned to the Egyptian Academy and won the Luxor Prize, a two year grant for study at the Luxor Art Studio.

1952 - Continued his work for the Cairo Municipality, Department of Architecture, he also became an Art Adviser of the Newspaper Al Kahera.

1962 - Mahdy became Professor of Fine Arts, teaching drawing and painting at the Lycee Le Liberte in Cairo.

1964 - He recieved a Scholarship from the Egyptian Ministry of Culture, Cairo.

1939-1965 - Exhibited annually in the Salon Exhibitions in Cairo.

1949 - UNESCO exhibition, Beirut, Lebanon.

1952- One-man show Ghalion Gallery, Cairo.

1952 - Egyptian and Italian Exhibition, Cairo.

1962 - United Arab Republic and United States, Educational Exchange Commission, Fulbright Committee, Cairo, arranged a one-man show in Cairo.

c.1964 - The artist appears to have moved to Canada.

c.1964 - One-man Exhibtion Dominion Gallery, Montreal, Canada.