Pieter Hendrik Schor

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Pieter Hendrik Schor, AKA P.H. Schor (Dutch, 1879-1945) painter, book illustrator & draughtsman born November 4, 1879 in Amsterdam, Holland. He is primarily known for his watercolor & gouache paintings and book illustrations of various floral & botanical scenes, animals & insects, as well as illustrations for mottoes, postcards and calendars. Schor did various book and magazine illustrations for publications such as: Cactus-Album (Pette Cacao Fabrieken, 1931), by G.D. Duursma, and De vriend des huizes: tijdschrift voor het volk (numerous issues, mid 1930’s), as well as artwork for the publisher M. Bonnist & Zonen, Amsterdam, Holland (1924-c.1939), and artwork for the American publisher, the Donald Art Co. (American Publishers, 1940-c.1992) which was founded by his son & previous co-partner Donald M. Bonnist (Jewish-American, 1907-1986). Pieter usually signed his name P.H. Schor, and is often misidentified as P.H. Schon or P.M. Schon. He died on March 26, 1945 in Amsterdam.

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