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Gustav Aboltin (AKA M. Gustav Aboltin, Russian, born c.1864-died aft. 1926) painter primarily known for his oil landscapes, winterscapes, European scenes, war paintings, portraits, life/genre scenes, pen & ink drawings, and design. Former residences include: St. Petersburg, Russia; Riga, Latvia; Paris, France; Berlin, Germany; and in Europe. Immigrated to the U.S. from Riga, Latvia, arriving in July, 1892, Ellis Island (nationality listed as Russian, Residence Riga, Latvia). From c1892-1913, he was living in NYC & Brooklyn and was listed as an artist in City Directories and residences included various locations: 97 Chrystie St., NYC (1893-1894), 37 Eldridge St., Brooklyn (1903), 15 St. Mark’s Pl., NYC (1909-1912). In July, 1896, he and wife Caroline (Russian, c.1870-) traveled from Riga, Latvia (name mis-listed as Abolin, and was listed as painter [German: maler], more than likely her immigration date). From c1915-1916, he was residing in Binghamton, NY and he exhibited at Gath’s Art Studio (1916), 78 Clinton St., Binghamton, NY. From 1916-1918, he was residing in Rochester, NY at 214 North St., then moved to Philadelphia, PA in 1918. Misspellings of his name include: Gustave Aboltin, or Gustavo Aboltin.

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