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Florence Julia Bach (American, 1887-1979) was a sculptor, painter, pastel artist and teacher. She started her art training at the Buffalo School of Fine Arts and the Art Students League located both in Buffalo and New York, where she studied with William Merritt Chase and Frank Vincent Dumond. Afterwards, she spent several years abroad, received a diploma in sculpture from the École des Beaux-Arts at Fontainebleu, and continued her studies in Italy, France, and Germany.

A member of the Buffalo Society of Artists, Florence Julia Bach won many exhibition awards between 1915 and 1924, such as the Fellowship Prize in 1917 and 1922. She became a member of the BSA Council in 1926, the same year she was a Member of the Jury for the Awards and Fellowship Prize. Bach served as BSA President from 1929 to 1930. In 1932 the Buffalo Centennial Medal for service in the field of Art was awarded to Bach. She was an exhibiting member of the Grand Central Galleries, Inc. in New York City. After teaching at the Buffalo Fine Arts Academy for 29 years, Bach moved to Greenwich, Connecticut, where she taught art part-time and lived the remainder of her life.

(Source: burchfieldpenney.org)