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Louis Vastola (American, 1920-1988) was born in 1920. He attended Buffalo State College where he obtained his BS Degree. His art training was largely in adult evening classes, and with fellow townsman Robert Blair. As a landscape painter, he captures the more lyrical, poetic side to the landscape, rather than its literal representation. Vastola is well known for his scenes of haunting trees, smoky factories, and the way he unifies nature in his work with a certain animism. His mediums include both oils and watercolors, along with felt tip pens. His work has been exhibited all over the area including at the Albright Knox, New York State Exposition (1960), and the Buffalo Society of Artists Exhibits. He has also won various prizes including drawing awards from the Buffalo Society of Artists and Western New York Show in 1960, along with First Prize Watercolor from the Kenmore Art Society in 1962. Vastola passed away in 1988 at the age of 68.

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