Walter Braczynski

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Walter Braczynski (American, 1904-1984) painter primarily known for his portraiture, life paintings and pencil drawings. Walter was born October 4, 1904 in Buffalo, NY. In 1921, he won a scholarship to study at the Buffalo School of Fine Arts (later Albright Art School) at the Albright Art Gallery under director Urquhart Wilcox (American, 1874-1941). Early in his career during the mid 1920’s, he painted signs and in 1928, he exhibited in a group show, “Annual Exhibition of the Work of Students of the School of Fine Arts” (where numerous pencil drawings were shown), Buffalo Fine Arts Academy, Albright Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY. In 1931, Walter won a second scholarship from the evening life drawing class to continue his education at the Buffalo School of Fine Arts. On May 23, 1936, he married Vera (née Ivey) Braczynski (1912-) in Buffalo, NY. He later worked as a pictorial artist for an advertising firm in Buffalo and was a member of the Buffalo Society of Artists. Walter passed away January 1, 1984.

(Written by Mark Strong of Meibohm Fine Arts, Inc., East Aurora, NY,