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F. Dürrnberger was born in 1917 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. He attended the Folkwang Universität der Künste (University of the Arts) in Essen, Germany and later studied at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste, München (Academy of Fine Arts, Munich), under Prof. Klein, and also with Prof. Franz Xaver Stahl and Prof. Kaspar. He furthered his art studies by traveling to many European countries and cities including Italy, Paris and London.

From our internal typed biographical records about the artist, the artist’s first initial is written as an ‘F’, though his first initial is often viewed as an ‘H’, which it does appear to look like at first glance on many of his works, but I think it might be a stylized ‘F’ perhaps (with swoop on right with a little heavier emphasis [as also viewed on other paintings too]), though I suppose our typed bio info could be wrong/mistyped(???) and it could be actually an ‘H’—if anyone may be able to completely identify this artist, please let us know and we can update our bio, thank you.

He maintained studios in Bavaria and the Tyrolean Alps, and is often known for his landscapes, forest interiors, genre & hunt scenes, alpine views, lake views and scenes of everyday life of the Italian people. His paintings typically feature an impressionistic impasto technique done with a palette knife similar in style to the well known artist Ingfried Paul Henze (German, 1925- [AKA ‘Henze-Morro’ or ‘P. Morro’ etc.]). During his career, Dürrnberger had solo exhibitions in Munich and Vienna, Austria.

(Rewritten & compiled by Mark Strong, Meibohm Fine Arts, Inc., East Aurora, NY, source: Two biographical records from our internal records with added information.)