John Brach

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John Brach (American, 1952–)

April 2017 exhibition  link

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Artist Statement:

"In retrospect, I was more intrigued with the ability to make primitive drawings than were the other children at St. James School in 1960. Reinforced by the naïve praise of family and friends that interest grew throughout my school years and in the 1970’s I enjoyed the privilege of attending Buff State College where I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Liberal Arts with a concentration in Fine Arts.

I had developed modest skill as a painter and print-maker and had become fascinated with the great beauty, command of color, light and composition of the Old Masters. Unfortunately, by the 1970’s, Classical painting had long been replaced by Abstract Impressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, and “what’s happening now-isms” of every sort. Classical Painting had clearly been dismissed as an inferior endeavor and career options for such artists were limited at best. Following a brief and unsuccessful attempt at teaching art, I pursued another professional interest and in 1982 graduated from medical school. Demands of patient care made it impractical to continue developing as a serious painter and so I laid down my pens and paints until 2013. These past 35 years make me feel like a sort-of “Rip-Van-Winkle” of the Arts because an amazing thing happened while I was asleep: Artists have returned to the philosophy, classical training and techniques of the Masters and an exciting new school of fantastic and beautiful representational painting has emerged.

I am now able to again paint seriously under the mentorship of an outstanding artist and friend. God has blessed me with the opportunity to again pursue my first passion. I thank him daily for the ability to see, move, think, learn and once again, paint."