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Sandra Clisham Bartz (American, 20th C.-) artist and teacher, known for her paintings, drawings and sculpture. Certified Art Teacher for New York State.

Artist Statement:

“The majority of my paintings are created plein aire. After months of observation and evaluating colors in the landscapes my concept turned toward the negative impact we have made on the environment. The pivotal point came in midsummer, while painting the view of the city of Buffalo from the hilltop of Chestnut Ridge Park. The vantage point is about fifteen miles south of the city and though it was a beautiful summer day, the vista was obscured by air pollution. In the theory of atmospheric perspective the distant objects become less intense in color, but these colors had tints of red. Hues of pink and violet hovered over the city, and I felt this to be more ominous than tranquil as it should have been on that pleasant summer day. The title for the painting, "Index 151", reflects my thoughts. After researching air quality levels, I discovered that when the scientific reading of the air index reached 151, the outdoor air is then considered unsafe for even a healthy human to venture outside. The colors in the sky are slightly exaggerated, and there is no form of any human life in the painting.

I feel we all inhabit this planet and should protect it in every way we can. Voicing my opinion in an aesthetic manner helps to keep the issues open for people to think about, but I have difficulty in the making of this art. The reason is the contradiction I struggle with about the pollution that I contribute during the process of some of this art making. Many materials are toxic. Casting metal emits pollution especially during the iron pours. So the decision to continue is pertinent, but better solutions for processing and safer materials will play a prominent role in my continued development. Painting is the lesser of the pollutants and my stronger medium, and reminding everyone of the frailty of the earth is the goal of my work.”


May 30-July 18, exhibition, group show, “The Ridge: Benefit Exhibition for the Chestnut Ridge Conservancy” (CRC), which supports the restoration and preservation of the rich natural, recreational and historic resources of Chestnut Ridge Park, Meibohm Fine Arts, East Aurora, NY.

2007- June, group exhibit at El Museo Gallery, Allen Street, Buffalo, NY. April 12-May 11, solo exhibit at the Burchfield Nature and Art Center, West Seneca, NY. February-March, solo art show at the Unity Church Gallery, Delaware Ave., Buffalo, NY.

2006- December, received M.A. from Buffalo State College, summa cum laude. December, solo exhibit at College Street Gallery, Allen Street, Buffalo, NY. Paintings and sculpture with a theme on environment. Summer and Fall, temporary adjunct professor at Buffalo State College teaching drawing 101. March to December, solo show of watercolor paintings at Alternative Spaces, 200 E. 36 Street, NYC. March, instructor/chaperon for 30 AP art students at Hamburg High school in the Olympics of Visual Arts in Saratoga Springs, NY. Illustration group placed first over all. April, wrote and received a grant from the Hamburg School Foundation for Hamburg art students to participate in a bronze pour at Buffalo State College. Students created their own bronze mold with my instructions and they were bused to the college to witness the process of a bronze pour. January to May, internship at the Buffalo Arts Commission, reorganized files and restoration records of new and historic city owned artwork. February, co-curator and exhibitor in the Annual Art Education students' show, Upton Gallery. February, watercolor presentation to North Tonawanda High School.

2005- September-present, substitute art teacher for Hamburg, Frontier and West Seneca New York school districts. September-present, committee member for the restoration of a WPA Mural at Union Pleasant School in Hamburg, NY. August-present, instructor for Boys and Girls Clubs of Buffalo for drawing, welding and plasma cutting at Griffis Sculpture Park, Ashford Hollow, NY and Essex Street Studio in Buffalo, NY. July, internship at Griffis Sculpture Park, Ashford Hollow, NY. Instructed the Boys and Girls Clubs of Buffalo in drawing, welding and plasma cutting metal for sculpture. June, participated in the International Sculpture Symposium in Pirkkla, Finland, received Purchase Award sponsored by Kiilto Oy of Tampere, Finland, a three-week symposium for Iron pour casting. Work was created on the premises with an International juried exhibit. Credits received towards masters degree at Buffalo State College. June, participated in the Stone Sculpture Symposium in Luganuse, Estonia, a week-long symposium to create stone sculptures from aerated cement blocks 4’x2’x2’. Artists' works are on permanent exhibition in the town of Luganuse. May 14, graduated from Buffalo State College, B.S. art education, summa cum laude, received Dean’s Award in art education. January, presentation to The Centennial Art Center of Hamburg on painting in Siena, Italy. February, Fine Arts Exhibition, Upton Gallery, Buffalo State College.

2004- October, Sculpture Exhibition, Gallery 234, Upton Hall, Buffalo State College, curator and participant. September, Buffalo Historical Society, Fine Art Exhibit. Spring, attended student exchange program in Siena, Italy through Buffalo State College. Concentration in painting and ceramics with Italian art history and Italian language study. Group Exhibit at Institut da Duccio Buoninsegna in Siena. Centennial Art Center Exhibit, (Every year since 1991, 4 Best of Show, 3 First prize).

2002- Albright Knox Members Rental and Sales Gallery Group Exhibit (Every year since 1995). Art Dialogue, Buffalo NY, Western New York Artists Group Exhibit.

1999-2003- Instructed art classes for adults and teens, at the Centennial Art Center, plus editor of publications for the center and curate art shows.

1998- Key Bank, Solo exhibit.

1996- Roswell Park Hospital Group Exhibit.

1995- Erie Community College, Women in the Arts, Group Exhibit.

1991- M. Walligur-Doering Gallery, Wildlife Exhibit to benefit Hawk Creek Wildlife Sanctuary, received Best of Show.

1990 to Present- Participated in numerous Western New York outdoor art shows including, East Aurora, Elmwood Art Festival, Hamburg and Colden.

1977-2002- Graphic artist for Buffalo Thermograph Service, a high quality printing firm. Responsible for all graphic artwork from concept to pre-press layouts of brochures, letterheads, newsletters, invitations and business cards for national and international companies.

1975- Graduated from Mohawk Valley C.C., majored in advertising & design production.

Collections: Roswell Park Memorial Hospital, Buffalo, NY; Burchfield Nature and Art Center, West Seneca, NY; Buffalo Arts Commission, City Hall; Griffis Sculpture Park, Ashford Hollow, NY; Kiilto Oy, Pirkkala, Finland; Luganuse, Estonia, Town Hall; Siena, Italy (through student exchange program Buffalo State College); H. C. Brown & Co. Inc. L.L.C., Buffalo, NY; Buffalo Sport & Spine, Buffalo, NY; Union/Pleasant Elementary School, Hamburg, NY; Dr. Thomas Hartnett and Associates, Hamburg, NY; and numerous private collections.

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