Gray Lithographing Company, New York, NY

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Gray Lithographing Company, New York, N.Y. (Printers-Publishers, 1895-1910) AKA Gray Lithograph Company or Gray Litho. Co., was founded by lithographer, Olin D. Gray (American, 1854-1938) who was known for printing chromolithographs, lithographs and prints of genre scenes, animals, figurative, sporting scenes, postcards, botanical, still lifes, advertising images, etcetera. Olin D. Gray (American, 1854-1938) was an American lithographer born in Remsen, New York and by 1860, he was living in St. Louis, Missouri. Gray became the manager of August Gast and Company in St. Louis in 1885. By 1887, when the St. Louis firm was reorganized, Gray was working in the New York office with Louis Wall, who had been a partner in the firm in St. Louis. The New York branch produced chromolithographs and used lithographic stones up to 36 x 52 inches. Gray opened his own lithographing firm, the Gray Lithographing Company in 1895 with $1,000 capital when Wall moved to Brooklyn and opened his own company. Gray also maintained the Gast Lithographing and Engraving Company until 1910. Gray retired in 1908 and moved to Coconut Grove Florida and a couple years later sold the Gray Lithographing Company in 1910 to the Sackett and Wilhelms Company, which existed until 1930. Olin D. Gray married Lydia Blossom (<i>née Gwin</i>) Gray on September 6, 1883, with whom he had two children.

(Compiled by Mark Strong of Meibohm Fine Arts, Inc., East Aurora, NY, 14052.)