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Ruth Carolyn Percival (American, 1899-1989) artist, printmaker and art teacher. Ruth was born June 22, 1899 in Buffalo, NY, daughter of George Edward Percival (1856-1938) and Thora Carolyn (née Christiansen) Percival (1859-1943) and she had three older brothers Edward S. Percival (c.1887-1937), Arthur P. Percival (c.1888-1963) and Severn M. Percival (1892-1960). Her home was in Buffalo since birth. Her general education was at Hutchinson High School, University of Buffalo. Her art education was at Columbia University Summer School where she studied design at with Urquhart Wilcox (American, 1874-1941), and at the Buffalo School of Fine Arts. She taught for many years as an art teacher at Buffalo public school 45. She exhibited at Thumb Box and Arts Club exhibitions and was a member of the Buffalo Arts Club, Buffalo Society of Artists and the Buffalo Print Club where she also held an administrative position. Her art studio was located at 826 Niagara Street and home residences included: 851 Front Avenue, Buffalo, NY and 6 Arlington Place where she remained until her death on September 16, 1989 at the age of ninety. She is buried in the family plot in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY.

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