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Leslie Junkin Fornalik (American, 20th C.-) Born in Southern California, Leslie resides with her family in Western New York State in a small community where she was raised.

A brand new box of 64 Crayola Crayons (with a built in sharpener) every Christmas, along with a never-ending supply of newsprint pads allowed a fascination for the world around her an outlet for expression. With supportive parents and the freedom to roam and explore, there was never a lack of subjects or opportunities to draw. Along with encouragement from early teachers, a path in art was started.

Leslie attended Fredonia State University and Buffalo State University, pursuing advertising design. Although she cannot remember a time when she did not feel passionate about the art world, her devotion to family made raising her children a priority for many years. More recently, she felt comfortable once again pursuing her long time love of drawing and painting and embarking on a career in the art world.

“At an early age, I was greatly influenced by the paintings of Andrew Wyeth. His attention to small details made me think that he and I thought and spoke in the same language. For me, attention to small details makes magic happen in a painting.

Although I started out working in watercolors, I now love working in oil paints. They are very forgiving and allow me to change course when a passage in the painting is not working. Since being introduced to the genre of Trompe l’oeil painting, my fascination for details and reverence in the quiet beauty of the commonplace has found a home. I am enjoying the opportunities to continue to refine my techniques and to capture magic.”

And the artist still loves the smell of Crayola Crayons.