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Lucette Banas (American, 20th C.-    ) a lifelong resident of Western New York, began drawing and painting long before she began teaching art. Often struggling, always interested in learning more, and constantly striving for unity and perfection, many of her happiest artist hours are spent wandering fields and woods sketching and photographing for reference. With a passion for painting landscape, Banas’ medium is oil; the Hudson River School of Art is her greatest influence.

Banas said art is a compulsion for her, that the conscious and subconscious choices involved in the process of painting are “a never-ending source of excitement and amazement for me.”

Banas studied art at Buffalo State College and her training in fine arts, art history and art education makes her an ideal teacher for beginners and advanced painters, according to the West Seneca Art Society. Banas serves as its vice president. She studyied the old painting technique of Trompe l'oeil with master painter John Yerger (American, 1935-2017) and is a landscape painting instructor at Partners in Art in North Tonawanda, NY.

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