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Victor Aures (American, 1894-1974), painter and illustrator, born on March 22, 1894 in Buffalo, New York. He studied at the Buffalo School of Fine Arts and with Daniel Beard, and Urquhart Wiley.

He exhibited at the Buffalo Society of Artists in 1935, for which he won a prize. He was affiliated with the A. S. Wells Advertising Agency in Buffalo, and is best known as the illustrator in 1937 of the Handbook of the Boy Scouts of America.

Aures traveled extensively throughout New England, and research indicates he painted many wonderful landscapes and seascapes in Maine during his career. He died in Buffalo, New York in November of 1974 at age 80.

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(Source: With permission from, prior biographical information supplied by Michael Perez, consultant, Art Is Fun Gallery, Seagrape Fine Art.)