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Haupt, a graduate of the State University of New York at Buffalo, has been documenting the Buffalo arts scene since 1976. During that time she has worked for, or with, some of the most notable institutions in Buffalo, including the Irish Classical Theatre, Studio Arena Theater, the Kavinoky Theatre, the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, the Theatre of Youth, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, and the State University of New York at Buffalo. In addition to her specialty of theater photography, Irene Haupt has also devoted much of her career to the photography of musicians and musical events, especially the contemporary music scene in Buffalo. A broader representation of Irene Haupt's photographs of musical activities in Buffalo are also available online in the Irene Haupt Photographs of Musicians in Buffalo.

Irene also serves as general manager of the highly acclaimed resident music ensemble "A Musical Feast", of the Burchfield Penney Art Gallery

Most notable is her documentation of the contemporary music scene in Buffalo, including coverage of the University at Buffalo's June in Buffalo festival of new music, 1982-1987, and 2000 to the present. Over the course of those years, she has created a visual record that contains images of some of the most significant composers and performers of the last quarter century. The list of names are impressive: Aaron Copland, Morton Feldman, Leo Smit, Virgil Thomson, Steve Reich, Ralph Shapey, Henry Brant, Earle Brown, Ursula Oppens, Jan Williams, Lukas Foss, Philip Glass, Otto Luening, Conlon Nancarrow, Ernst Krenek, Larry Austin, Lejaren Hiller, Elliott Carter, Milton Babbitt, John Cage, Charles Wuorinen, Jacob Druckman, and Yvar Mikhashoff, among others.

Artist Statement:

Influenced by writers who layer a lifetime into one day, and composers who layer sounds and rhythms into one bar, I try to express the same compression of time and experience, an assemblage of multiple images creating an elusively unpredictable combination which suggests a more complex reality.

EXHIBITIONS: Castellani Gallery,Niagara Falls. Chautauqua Art Institute.Burchfield Penney Art Center, Albright Knox Art Gallery and the Albright Knox Rental Gallery, CEPA Gallery, Kenan Center.

COLLECTIONS: Burchfield Penney Art Center,Buffalo,NY. Charles Penney Private Collection.

Dictionary of American Composers, 2nd. ed. by Neil Butterworth.

Still photographer for the movie: "Rockaby" by playwright Samuel Beckett.

CD and Book jackets.

"60 minutes" TV NBC.

STUDIO WORK: Portraits,family and group photos.

MEMBERSHIPS/ORGANIZATIONS: Member of the Buffalo Society of Artists.

AWARDS: Gold Medal Winner. For additional information on this artist or for other possible examples of her works, please visit the artist's website

(Sources: The artist's personal website.)