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(To the Best of My Research) Giacomo Nasi (Italian-American, 1845-1914) was a freelance artist, painter and illustrator primarily known for his oil and watercolor artworks of landscapes, Army & Navy genre & military scenes, figurative works, still lifes, and animals scenes. He was born in December, 1845 in Torino, Italy (Turin). Early in his art career, Giacomo resided in Torino and Racconigi, both in Piedmont, Italy and by 1880 was a member of the “IV Congresso Artistico Italiano” (IV Italian Artistic Congress). In 1883, he exhibited at the “Espisizione Di Belle Arti” in Rome with the two paintings titled, “Avanzi di due Civiltà” (“Ruins of Two Civilizations”, #1313) and “Al Triclinio” (“The Triclinium” [A Pompeiian/Roman Dining Room], #1314) respectively in the exhibition. That same year, he immigrated to the United States on April 4, 1883. He married Celestine Louise (née Broutin) Nasi (1866-1934) on February 6, 1884 in New Orleans, LA. The couple had five children to include; James A. Nasi (1887-    ), Blanche M. Nasi (1889-1981), Viola Antonia Nasi (1891-), Edwin L. Nasi (1895-1927) and Gladys Mae Nasi-Foy (1899-    ). As early as 1884, Giacomo had been working as an artist in New York City and had even sent the same two paintings from the 1883 exhibition, back to Italy for the 1884 “Esposizione Generale Italiana” in Torino with “Al Triclinio” (#34) and “Avanzi di due Civiltà” (#35) respectively in the exhibition.

By 1885, Giacomo was listed in City Directories as an artist at 1267 Broadway in Brooklyn, NY, while the family remained in New Orleans for a few years—so he must have traveled back and forth during that time before the family moved to New York City around 1889 after the birth of their daughter Blanche. Giacomo continued to work as a freelance artist, landscape painter and illustrator, and an early 1893 City Directory for artists listed his studio at 788 Broadway and the family home at 695 Cole Street, Bronx, NY. Some New York-based publishers printed and sold various chromolithographs and postcards after Nasi’s artwork, to include; Hickok & Pate (American Lithographer & Publishers, c1895-1906) and H.T. Cook (For Harry Tecumseh Cook, Author & Publisher, Active c1907-c1914) who specialized in postcards that featured the life, duties and action scenes of U.S. Army & Navy subject matter, taken and painted directly from various original photographs. He typically signed his artwork with just his first initial and last name as 'G. Nasi'. Giacomo became a naturalized citizen on March 11, 1895 and the family later moved to 373 East 194th Street Bronx, NY (Corner of 194th & Decatur Avenue). Giacomo passed away at his Bronx residence on April 15, 1914 and his funeral was held that following Saturday. Upon his passing, his obituary was shared with New Orleans, LA and European newspapers.

(Compiled, translated & written by Mark Strong of Meibohm Fine Arts, Inc., East Aurora, NY.)