National Remembrance Shop, Washington, DC

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David Foster Pratt

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The National Remembrance Shop (19th C.-circa 1924), was located at 1333 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C. and are long defunct as a company. To be more specific, they were located on the second block between the Washington Post and Times Buildings, one-half block below Willard’s Hotel, directly across from the Mt. Vernon Railway Station, and within five minutes’ walk of the White House, U.S. Treasury, State, War and Navy Departments, and their old location is now the site of the Marriott Hotel and National Shops Mall (from research). The N.R.S. proudly would state in their advertisements;

“EVERYONE visiting Washington desires to take away something as a remembrance of the visit to the nation's Capital, or as a gift for the friends at home. It is the aim of the National Remembrance Shop to supply such things that shall have also some artistic merit. Here are sold wares of gold, silver, wood, china, leather. Pictures. Books of Views and all sorts of things suitable as souvenirs or gifts. The prices are reasonable; the goods are well made and serviceable, and withal pleasing to the eye, even the most inexpensive articles (and there are many such) being of a character to appeal to persons of cultivated taste. The Remembrance Shop is unique in its furnishings and general character, and on its tables are shown many odd things not to be found elsewhere. You are cordially invited to inspect the articles shown here. All visitors are equally welcome, whether purchasers or not. No one is ever urged to buy.”
–(Quote from 1903 ad in: A Practical Guide to the Library of Congress Paintings, by Foster & Reynolds, Washington, 1903).

(Written by Mark Strong of Meibohm Fine Arts, Inc.,