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Muller, Luchsinger & Co., New York (American Art Publishers, c1886-c1930) produced thousands of different types of prints, chromolithographs & lithographs for retail sale to the public c1886-c1930. The company published many prints by numerous well known artists of the time, as well as prints by obscure artists that were usually of decorative appeal and often those particular prints did not include any printed signatures, but included rather, a printed title and associated inventory number. One particular artist that the company printed numerous early landscape prints for, was the American artist William Henry Chandler (1854-1928) during the 1890’s, and many of his prints turn up at auctions, estate sales, on eBay and various websites on the internet. The company was primarily known for printing landscape scenes, religious & inspirational prints, various war/military prints, still lifes, fruit & floral still lifes, genre scenes, holiday scenes, western/Native American Indian scenes, photo prints, stereoviews, scenes with children & animals, etc.

Muller, Luchsinger & Co. are pretty obscure as a publishing company and unfortunately there is not a lot of information out there for them as a company, but the firm was established circa 1886 by John & Adolph Muller and Jacques Luchsinger (c1851-1919). Jacques Luchsinger died on Christmas Eve in 1919, but the firm continued through about 1930 or so, which is the latest date I have found for their company. Their business addresses included: 60 Duane Street, NYC, then at 368 Broadway in the city and then later at 576 Broadway.

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