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UPCOMING EXHIBITION: April 26, 2024-May 25, Group exhibition, "Six Pathways", Patti Harris, Marie Hassett, Joyce Hill, Beth Pedersen, Deborah Stewart and Ann Stievater, link

Joyce Hill (American, 20th C.-    ) is a mixed/media artist currently living in Buffalo, New York. She grew up in Grand Island, NY and graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1972. She started her career as a graphic designer before she began her journey to become an independent artist. She now exhibits her mixed media collages around the United States. Joyce’s collage materials include photo transfers, acrylic, spray paints and different found objects. She takes inspiration from the world around her and admires the work of Mark Bradford, Katherine Chang Liu, and Robert Raushenberg. Her work has been featured in many publications and books, including the “Masters of Collage” book. She is a member of the National Collage Society, winning awards at their prestigious exhibitions. Her current work explores using different materials with resin and collage.

Artist Statement:

“I believe my work communicates my feelings about beauty in discarded items, markings, and urban images.”

Artist’s website:

Facebook: Joyce Hill Studio

Artist's page at Six Pathways: Joyce Hill.