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UPCOMING EXHIBITION: April 26, 2024-May 25, Group exhibition, "Six Pathways", Patti Harris, Marie Hassett, Joyce Hill, Beth Pedersen, Deborah Stewart and Ann Stievater, link.

Patti Harris (American, 20th C.-    ) Originally from Buffalo, New York, Patti married a Canadian and currently lives in Fort Erie. With a background in painting, pottery and fibers, Harris’ art career has developed from weaving to papermaking and has evolved into sculptural assemblages. Endeavoring always to blend color, texture, dimension and fiber in her work, she has taken classes in ceramics, fiber, printmaking and painting.

Putting a variety of materials together in an unpredictable way typifies much of Patti’s work. The objects often do not typically ‘go together’ and can be ambiguous in meaning but arranged in a well-designed manner. Patti has been in many juried shows and has had many one person and group shows in the Buffalo and Toronto areas and the Niagara region. Patti is an exhibiting member of the Buffalo Society of Artists.

Artist Statement:

I am inspired by industrial design, natural materials and vintage objects. I collect and sort intriguing items from all over; often unsure at the outset what eventually will come from them. I look at the waste of materials and the need to reuse; trying to create something a bit more unusual so that I can bring a different twist to something that may otherwise be considered ordinary.

Each of the pieces in this show is a one-of-a-kind assemblage; most made primarily from old foundry patterns found in an old Buffalo warehouse of Niagara Machine and Tool Works.

Artist’s page at Six Pathways: Patti Harris.