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As a young person I loved to draw and make things with my hands, so it was natural that as an adult I would spend 35 years as a civil engineer. But in retirement I have returned to “drawing” using one of the best mediums for expressing the important personal connection between the painter and his creation: artist oil colors. The process of becoming familiar with paints, mediums and brushes, learning practices that work and discovering that your anchor is always composition has been very gratifying.

I have taken classes in trompe l’oeil from John Yerger, learning skills that apply to all my painting. And, books by Tom Buechner, John Carlson, Richard Schmid, Virgil Elliott and others along with innumerable gallery visits have all aided my learning.

My goal is to improve my understanding of art, to continuously see more in my subjects, to be able to paint what I see, and to grow in the joy of painting. But most of all, my goal is to communicate each of these in my work.