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Eugene J. Melancon (AKA Melançon, American, 1861-1946) Buffalo, NY artist, known for his oil landscapes, church frescoes, and portraits that include religious figures, Native American Indians and animal subjects. Eugene was born in Buffalo in 1861, to Olivier (Oliver) Melançon (Canadian-American, b. Aug. 11, 1827-d. Oct. 10, 1911) from St-Jacques-de-l'Achigan, Quebec, Canada, who moved to the Buffalo, NY area circa 1847. Oliver settled in Sheldon Center, NY, and married Marie-Antoinette (née Renaux) in 1858, and they had eight children to include: C. Jules, Mrs. Joseph Reff, Mary (Mrs. Fred Schultz), Mrs. Joseph Schembs, Jennie, Oliver and George.

In 1858 Oliver had opened an ornamental fresco painting business with Morris Courtney called Melancon & Courtney, located at the corner of Pearl & Terrace Streets in Buffalo, NY. They had another division at the corner of Union & William and they ran the business until the mid 1860’s. In 1867, Oliver became part owner of a business called Bottani, Belli & Melancon (for Vitale Bottani & Camillo Belli, fresco painters), located in the Arcade Building, Room 12, which created ornamental paintings and frescoes for local churches, parlors, and theatres. The partnership dissolved sometime before 1873, but Oliver continued to have his own ornamental fresco painting & wallpaper business into the 1880’s. It was located at 309 Seneca Street, Buffalo, NY, and was passed down to his son Eugene, who ran it for a while as an art shop known as the Melancon Art Shop.


1861- Born, Buffalo, NY, to parents Olivier (Oliver) Melançon (Canadian-American, 1827-1911) who was a fresco painter in Buffalo, NY, and mother Marie-Antoinette (née Renaux), and the family had eight children to include: C. Jules, Mrs. Joseph Reff, Mary (Mrs. Fred Schultz), Mrs. Joseph Schembs, Jennie, Oliver and George, and the family home was located at 309 Sycamore Street, Buffalo, NY.

c1880 on- The family still resided at 309 Sycamore Street, Buffalo, NY, and Oliver continued to run his ornamental fresco & wallpaper business in the city located at 309 Seneca Street, later passing on the business to Eugene, afterwards known as the Melancon Art Shop.

1911- October 10, Eugene’s father Oliver died, Buffalo, NY.

1946- February 16, Eugene died at the age of 84, and services were held a the Wedekindt Funeral Home at 5 Walden Ave., Buffalo, NY.

2011- Exhibited, group show, “19th and 20th Century Paintings from the Collection of Sam Haney: 21st Annual Art Show and Sale”, portrait painting of ‘Jesus’ (#37) 16 x 12” oil on board, Meibohm Fine Arts, East Aurora, NY.

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(Written & compiled chronologically by Mark Strong of Meibohm Fine Arts, Inc., East Aurora, NY,, sources: Too long to list here and are furnished upon request.)