Bruno Martini

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Bruno Martini (Italian, 1911-1979) is primarily known for his paintings of Venetian scenes, Italian cityscapes, figurative work, nudes, portraits, frescoes, interior scenes and still lifes. He worked in oil, watercolor, gouache, tempera, as well as pastels. Martini was born in Murano, Italy in 1911, and studied at the Academy of Venice. From 1930-1947, he exhibited in numerous solo & group regional and international exhibitions, to include: Competition “Fadiga” (Prize, 1937) at the Academy of Venice; Quadrennial in Rome, Italy (1938); Venice Biennial, Venice Italy (1941); Solo show, Venice, Italy (1943-45); Solo show, Bergamo, Italy (1946-47); Malmö, Sweden (1949); Helsingborg, Sweden (1951); Stockholm, Sweden (1951-52); Sundsvall, Sweden (1952); Geneva, Switzerland (1952); Solo show, Brescia, Italy (1956); Solo show, Trieste, Italy (1957); Solo show, Rome, Italy (1958); and NYC (1959). He painted altarpieces for the Instituto Cavanis, Venezia (Institute of Cavanis, Venice, Italy), as well as frescoes for the Chiesa San Biagio (Church of San Biagio) in Lendinara, Veneto, Italy. Two of his paintings “La musica” (“Music”,1961) and “L'amore” (“Love”, 1961) are in the Palazzo Morosini (Morosini Palace), Venice, Italy. Martini died in Venice in 1979 and his works can be found in many private and public collections worldwide.

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